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Classes are scheduled as time allows and interest is expressed.

No classes are currently on the calendar.

Interested students should contact the studio. A list is maintained and people on the list are contacted when a class is being scheduled..

Opportunities to use the equipment in the studio are available to glass artists on approval. This is a great opportunity to practice bead making in a state-of-the-art facility.

Classes that are sometimes offered are:

Intro to Lampworking: Bead Making
A two day workshop
The basics of working with glass and beadmaking are taught with an emphasis on safety.
Students are introduced to the use of a surface mix torch. the Nortel Minor Benchburner: (A propane/oxygen fueled torch), as well as to other lampworking tools.
A combination of demonstration, discussion and lots of hands-on experience provide opportunities for each student to experience the characteristics of various glasses, as well as the skills and techniques that are used to manipulate and embellishment it.

Technique Classes
Technique classes can be as long as a weekend and as short as an hour!
These classes are scheduled based on student interest and skill level. Examples of techniques that have been taught include off mandrel work, use of metals in glass, pendants, silvered glasses, and murrini work.

Students must have completed the Intro to Lampwork workshop or equivalent prior to signing up for a technique classes.
Skill level must be appropriate for the class.

Jewelry Making
Lampworked Beads (also referred to as Art Beads) are used in a variety of ways. Most often they are featured in jewelry pieces. Lampworkers sometimes collaborate with jewelry makers but often become jewelry makers themselves .

Intro to Jewelry Making: The Wrapped Loop
A fundamental component for mounting beads is the “Wrapped Loop”. It can be used for everything from making chains to creating earrings.
To properly execute the Wrapped Loop, students are first taught about precious and base metals, the characteristics of working with wire, and what and how to use basic wire working tools.
Students who take this class and learn the skills that are taught, will be able to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets using this technique. Each student will take home at least one finished sterling silver project of their choice. This is a four to five hour class depending on the pace of the group. Note: This is not a Wire “Wrapping” class

Beads, crystals or pearls or similar are strung next to each other in a pre-determined design onto some sort of stringing material, the end of that material is finished off (usually by crimping) and finished with some sort of clasp. Stringing might seem like a simple process.
The challenge is knowing how to string in a way that the finished piece is a quality work and will be long lasting.
This class teaches the skills and knowledge to help the student choose appropriate stringing materials to use with particular items to be strung.
Students are taught what to look for in quality beads and crystals to maximize appearance and minimize breakage. Finishing techniques are taught that will ensure comfort to the wearer without concern for breakage or loss.
Each student will take home at least one strung project in a design of their choice.
This is a four to five hour class depending on the pace of the group.




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